5 reasons you should hire a promotional model

2014-01-06 06:07:43 admin

Raise your product profile and capture new customers’ attention with a professional, experienced promotional model from Joyce Models! Joyce Models partner with you and your business to separate you from your competition, attract new customers, and reinforce your brand image with your existing client base.

Five reasons why our clients choose professional male and female Joyce Models when they want to strategically grow their client-facing business:

1) A Joyce Model is a good partner at your big event: a Joyce Model facilitates a product demonstration and connects with your customer base personally. He or she is a wonderful host for a corporate event, a night club or bar promotion, a sporting event like a golf day, or an in-store promotion.

2) A Joyce Model promotes your product strategically! He or she is focused on your business and your product; and your clients will see and hear the difference.

3) A Joyce Model creates an elegant, VIP atmosphere, making your event truly memorable.

4) A Joyce Model makes your product stand out to new customers and returning ones. People will remember a Joyce Model, and your product!

5) A Joyce Model is part of an experienced, sophisticated company with thousands of happy clients. Joyce Models are reliable professionals with expertise and a sense of fun about their assignments.

Call us today and see how a Joyce Model can put some sizzle into your next product promotion event.


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Celebrity and Designer Inspired Bandage Dresses

2013-11-01 17:45:41 admin

Celebrity and designer inspired bandage dresses have become extremely popular and the way they make you look is gorgeous. There are so many different colors and designs to choose from which makes it exciting. Whether it is a celebrity or inspired bandage dress they are all high quality to the fullest.

The bandage dresses are a must have for your collection. Everywhere you go you are sure to see someone wearing them and looking fabulous. You will be dressing and feeling like a celebrity just by wearing one. They are great for any occasion whether it be a party or even a wedding. These dresses will be sure to highlight your curves and people will be sure to notice. They are very slimming so if you are looking for that effect the dress will deliver. They are made from nylon, spandex, and rayon to hold their shape. If you are looking for dress that makes a statement these will deliver.


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A Guide to Parenting

2013-07-27 16:23:10 admin

Parenting must be done in the right way. It is one of the toughest jobs, yet very important for every parent. There is no course on parenting but it has to be done properly. The consequences of bad parenting are terrible.  The best thing is that as apparent you can learn how to become an excellent one.  All you need is to listen, watch and learn.

Listening to advice will help you know how to bring your children there are people who learn through mistakes and can help you avoid the pitfalls of parenting. Take advice from people that you trust. A parent and a child have special relationship but that does not mean that children should not be disciplined.

Take time to watch parents who are close to you. You will learn a few things on how to interact with your child. In most places where you visit, you are likely to find other parents. See how the kids respond to their parents, if you like it; try to know the reason behind it.

Learn to face parenting challenges.  If you find that your discipline method is no longer working, look for an alternative. You can research online or get books with information on how to bring up your children with proper discipline.

There are great rewards in being a parent and taking a tough stand when dealing with a child makes them better.

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